Meet Devon

Hi! I’m Devon. I help to build a healthy relationship with food while easing into a flexible plant-based diet.

With combined education, work experience, and insight through my own personal health journey, I am committed to the highest quality of service and care.

Through my own recovery from a 20-year battle with eating disorders, I found that there was a major gap in the recovery options I was being exposed to. I was heavily discouraged from pursuing a plant-based lifestyle, regardless of my reasons for wanting to do so. While I do recognize and appreciate that restrictive veganism can be tied to disordered eating patterns, being dissuaded so heavily from eating this way just strengthened the allure and made my eating disorder latch onto plant-based eating in an unhealthy way.

My approach offers no-judgement, gentle, and flexible plant-based nutrition no matter where you’re at on your journey. I believe in a multi-dimensional holistic approach and would love to be a part of your wellness team.

If you’re struggling to build a healthy relationship with food, wanting to learn to love your body and are curious about no-stress plant-based eating, then it’s time to shoot me an email.