Recovery Spotlight: Tessa

Trigger warning: this post contains eating disorder related material. While I never include things like numbers, measurements, or specific behaviours, it is up to the reader’s discretion whether or not to continue. These stories are written by guests and edited by Devon.

Tessa’s Story

I started experiencing body shaming when I was 12 and developed issues with food when I was about 14.  The biggest hurdle in my recovery has been realizing that what my body looks like does not define my self-worth or the value that I present to the world. Who I am as a person goes much deeper than the physical shape that this body takes.

This body is mine, but this body is not me. 

Life experience has been my biggest teacher. Developing self-awareness by reading self-help books, going to counseling regularly, training and caring for my dog, challenging myself, and saying yes to new experiences… Anything that pushes me to grow as a person.

I have to make a conscious decision to love myself every day. Even if it means staring at myself in the mirror, feeling silly, and telling myself I am worthy. The days that I don’t are the days that I am more likely to slip. 

Big thanks to Tessa for sharing her story! You can find Tessa on Instagram @Lyfepyle.. and you’re gonna want to check her out! Tessa runs the Lyfe Pyle blog with her partner and is the master of all things passive income. Her knowledge and passion shine through on their website, and they have an amazing resource section. Find LyfePyle [HERE]

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